Reciprocate Encounters - Understanding your brand and good-will equity

Networking and events Posted on August 16, 2016


Location - Oxford Brookes University, Headington Campus, Headington Rd, Gipsy Lane, Oxford, OX3 0BP | Google Map

The Reciprocate Encounters programme continues with a brand workshop - Understanding your brand and good-will equity, with speaker Ryan Howe from Monchu.

There is an emergence of commercial brands that are trading in more than goods - they're trading in goods. What's more, consumers are falling in love all over again. Big businesses are trading in Good-Will Equity a commodity which charities have in plentiful supply. What is Good-Will Equity? Well it's NOT: one-off donations, Christmas, raffles or car stickers. It IS: It's like a currency - accumulative and transferable, the resonance between you and your stakeholders and customers, it creates feelings of empowerment and meaning, it can be traded but not necessarily bought and sold. It could set your organisation on the path to a stable and sustainable future.


Ryan is a designer and brand strategist. Who lives creating everything from furniture and interiors to graphic design and websites. He is big on behavioural led design and social impact, not to mention social media. He is involved with the Robin Network and on the steering group of Reciprocate, a responsible business group. Ryan is happy when he's able to connect charities and social enterprises with the corporate sector. 

This workshop is aimed at social enterprises, charities, not-for-profits, CIC's or socially impactful businesses.

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