UK companies over a certain size are required by law to have their accounts audited every year. It is easy to think of audit fees as an unwanted cost that offers little or no value. And, it's true that many people take this view. But, an audit can be of huge benefit.

It's not just companies of a certain size that are required to have an audit. The same applies to all regulated industries, including:

Audits add value

We think of an audit as a chance to add value to your business.

An audit involves:

  • A face-to-face meeting to gain an understanding of your business
  • A detailed examination of your key records and controls

As a result we can give you valuable insight into your company, including:

  • Its operations and finances
  • Financial and management systems
  • Internal control
  • Any problem areas

Following the audit we will discuss with you ways in which your business can grow and improve and will work with you to put recommendations in place.


For companies that don't require an audit there is an option of having an assurance review of their accounts. Some of the main benefits of an assurance review are:

  • Increase credibility of your accounts
  • Reduce risk of fraud
  • Provide comfort for investors
  • Cheaper than an audit


Our fees are transparent so that you know they are competitive and that you are getting value for money.

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