Financial Statement Audits

A financial audit will help to create a clearer picture of how money moves in and out of your business while inspiring confidence in both stakeholders and potential lenders that your finances are secure and well-managed.

Financial audits for small and large businesses

Whatever the size of your company, a detailed understanding of your financial statements means better business. For SMEs with tight budgets, it can pay to know exactly where and when your profits are coming from. In-depth analysis of financial statements can inspire confidence in potential lenders - essential for growing start-ups looking for investment. For large enterprises with complex income streams and rapid outgoings, financial statement audits can be invaluable.

Providing in-depth analysis of your financial situation

We will analyse your company’s statements and records closely in order to verify and attest to its financial performance. Based on this examination, our experienced business accountants will put together a report attesting to the accuracy of your financial position and related disclosures. Together, our report and your audited financial statements will provide credible evidence that your company’s finances are well-managed and your records are fair and accurate.

Our fees are transparent so that you know they are competitive and that you are getting value for money.

Giving you a clearer picture of your business finances

Audited financial statements are often essential in the eyes of lenders and suppliers considering credit extensions, reassuring these bodies that your finances are true to representation. They also open your eyes to the details of your company’s finances, providing a greater understanding that you can use to better manage and grow your business in the future.

“We recently appointed Clark Howes as auditors and tax advisors for Essential Travel (UK) Limited.  We were delighted with how smoothly the first audit went and it has been a huge improvement for us. Their staff are personable, have excellent technical knowledge and they are extremely efficient.  

They are also assisting in reviewing our business structure which will assist in how we grow our business and also legitimately reduce our future tax costs. We are delighted we appointed Clark Howes”.

Jonathan Clarke, Founder & MD Essential Travel (UK) Limited
Richard Pearce

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