Risk Assurance

Business and risk come hand in hand. Risk assurance provides safeguards against potential hazards, providing insights and independent analysis that enables you to make safer, more informed decisions about the future of your business.

Risk assurance for every business

Growing start-up or large enterprise, risk assurance is an effective way of reducing the impact of risk to your business. Taking informed risks can yield tangible business results but they need to be understood first. Identifying potential risks early enables you to factor them into your business decisions for safer, more controlled business growth.

Adding value through an assurance review

For companies that don't require an audit we can provide an assurance review of their accounts. This involves a detailed analysis of your statements and records, focusing on areas of concern and potential hazards in order to best prepare you for the future. Some of the main benefits of an assurance review include the following:

  • Increase credibility of your accounts

  • Reduce risk of fraud

  • Provide comfort for investors

  • Cheaper than an audit

Our fees are transparent so that you know they are competitive and that you are getting value for money.

Growing your business with risk reduction accounting

Your organisation may have processes in place to manage risk, but challenging economic times mean it is more important than ever for businesses of all sizes to identify and understand potential risks as early as possible. Better awareness and insight into business risks gives you the ability to anticipate them before they appear, informing your business strategies so that every decision you make and every risk you take is in the best possible interests of your business.

“We recently appointed Clark Howes as auditors and tax advisors for Essential Travel (UK) Limited.  We were delighted with how smoothly the first audit went and it has been a huge improvement for us. Their staff are personable, have excellent technical knowledge and they are extremely efficient.  

They are also assisting in reviewing our business structure which will assist in how we grow our business and also legitimately reduce our future tax costs. We are delighted we appointed Clark Howes”.

Jonathan Clarke, Founder & MD Essential Travel (UK) Limited
Richard Pearce

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