Statutory Audit Service

An annual statutory audit is a requirement for all UK businesses over a certain size within a specific institution. It's important for these businesses to be compliant with specific financial regulations. Legally, a statutory audit determines whether an organisation is accurately representing its finances. These findings can also be used to help grow and develop your business.

Statutory audit legal requirements for businesses

If your business is over a certain size, audit legislation in the UK means annual statutory audits are required in order to ensure your financial records are fair and accurate. It is essential that these statutory audits are performed by qualified audit accountants. 

Our auditing accountants can examine your key records and controls, providing a detailed audit that meets your requirements under UK GAAP and UK law while providing an in-depth assessment of your business processes and financial situation.

In-depth audit analysis of your business processes

A statutory audit can be an opportunity to add value to your business. We’ll meet face to face in order to get a firsthand account of the space your business occupies and how it operates. A detailed examination will follow, assessing everything from your key records and business controls to your income, profit, investment returns, expenses, and other items. 

Based on this examination, we can give you valuable insight into your company in the following areas:

  • Its operations and finances

  • Financial and management systems

  • Internal control

  • Any problem areas

Valuable insights into your business

Following the audit we will have a much clearer understanding of your business processes and how you operate. The audit ensures your business remains compliant with UK audit legislation while enabling us to discuss with you ways in which your business can grow and improve. Armed with these insights, we will work with you to put our expert recommendations in place so you are best placed for future growth and business development. 

For more information on our Statutory Audit service, please contact one of our experts.

“We recently appointed Clark Howes as auditors and tax advisors for Essential Travel (UK) Limited.  We were delighted with how smoothly the first audit went and it has been a huge improvement for us. Their staff are personable, have excellent technical knowledge and they are extremely efficient.  

They are also assisting in reviewing our business structure which will assist in how we grow our business and also legitimately reduce our future tax costs. We are delighted we appointed Clark Howes”.

Jonathan Clarke, Founder & MD Essential Travel (UK) Limited