demandware UK

demandware is a US based corporation that provides enterprise-class e-commerce solutions. The company has been established for six years and in that time has grown substantially, with expansion in to the UK and Europe. Having had previous relationships with the CFO, Clark Howes were in the ideal position to offer a financial reporting package catered to suit the company’s needs.

Our Role

Clark Howes took the UK entities fragmented accounting processes and consolidated them in to one outsourced financial function. The result of this procedure is that demandware now receive on demand, efficient and accurate financial reporting from the UK, saving time, costs and ensuring compliance with UK law.

By working closely with the client throughout the year to ensure the accounts are produced efficiently, Clark Howes are able to pass on savings of the final year end costs.

“Effectively our financial controller in the UK. I don't get the same quality of service from any other supplier. They handle everything.”

Scott Dussault, Chief Financial Officer demandware