Essential Travel (UK) Limited

Essential Travel first contacted Clark Howes online in search of a new auditor with travel sector knowledge and experience that would meet their expectations.  Due to a looming IATA filing deadline, a quick turnaround was absolutely essential. 


The main goal was to prepare the year-end statutory accounts to meet regulatory and legislative requirements and have the audited accounts finalised within a month to submit to IATA online. The accounts would then need to be finalised for Companies House and we also were asked to complete the company tax return and the directors’ personal tax return.

Our role

Within hours of providing a few details on our website our audit team were in touch and able to start audit procedures immediately.

At Clark Howes, we take a risk based approach to our audits, minimising the risk of over-auditing and providing greater focus on the most key areas. This cuts down on wasted time and more importantly, cuts the end costs for our clients.

For Essential Travel, we were able to draw on extensive previous experience of travel agent audits to tailor our tests to ensure all audit objectives were quickly identified.

The results

Co-ordinated by our dedicated Travel sector specialists, both our Audit and Business Services teams worked together seamlessly to deliver the audited accounts on time.

Through reports provided directly to us from the client our team was able to swiftly process the relevant information into statutory format. The audit team then scrutinised these accounts and shortly after visited the client to test the systems and controls in place.

The end result being, the accounts were brought up to date and the company had a correct starting position moving forward for their management reporting. We were also able to highlight various areas for improvement in regards to systems, controls and the business structure in general. Our recommendations also included areas relevant to longer term tax planning.

“We recently appointed Clark Howes as auditors and tax advisors for Essential Travel (UK) Limited.  We were delighted with how smoothly the first audit went and it has been a huge improvement for us. Their staff are personable, have excellent technical knowledge and they are extremely efficient.  

They are also assisting in reviewing our business structure which will assist in how we grow our business and also legitimately reduce our future tax costs. We are delighted we appointed Clark Howes”.

Jonathan Clarke, Founder & MD Essential Travel (UK) Limited