The Village Motor Company

The Village Motor Company is a car leasing business working with demanding clients in the public and private sector. Offering a flexible service to a wide range of clients, their proactive approach to customer service and product reliability has enabled them to grow to a turnover of £1.3 million over the past 10 years as a client of Clark Howes.

The Challenge

With the flexible nature of the company it was important that the financial support was also able to adapt to their business needs. Clark Howes were able to offer a suitable financial accounting package that revolved around efficient, regular communication, with the commercial experience within the firm coming to the fore.

The Solution

Clark Howes implemented a financial system that ensured that Village Motors had an immediate financial structure in place for their current size, but also one that was able to develop as the business continued to grow. The business now has a structured, professional finance function that enables it to continue to grow sustainably without losing control over the coming years.

"So accessible it is untrue. Without their support our growth would not have been controlled. They continue to give us excellent support and, more importantly, advice."

John Whitehead, Managing Director The Village Motor Company