Viatech is a worldwide publishing solutions company that delivers effective and efficient global delivery through a network of company-owned facilities and strategic partnerships. Clark Howes initially helped to set up their UK subsidiary and Polish branch, and we continue to act as their outsourced finance department.

The Business

Viatech's unique distribute-and-print model allows them to electronically store content, manage the order process, digitally print, package, collate and distribute materials anywhere from next-door to across the globe. In addition they provide a full range of e-publishing solutions in multiple languages.

The relationship

Clark Howes has worked with Viatech since their incorporation since 2003, assisting with their expansion into the UK and Poland, and continuing to act as their fully-managed outsourced finance department. The relationship is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that we continue to offer them a first-class, cost-effective service.

"Since the inception of the company back in 2003, Clark Howes have been our strategic partner for outsourced finance.

Clark Howes have always been on hand for us when we needed support. They have taken the time to understand the value of our high transactions and ensured that 'relationship' stays at the centre of all we achieve together."

J. McCobb, Director of European Operations Viatech