Westmoreland Mechanical Testing and Research

Westmoreland is a global testing research company based in the USA. In 2003, Clark Howes assisted with their expansion into the UK by helping them to open their UK branch.

The Business

In April 2003 this US-based company opened a UK subsidiary with state-of-the-art laboratories to provide a wide-range of testing facilities for customers in aerospace, automotive, nuclear, off-shore and medical industries.

The Relationship

Clark Howes worked with the company throughout the formation of the UK entity including purchasing real estate for conversion into the complex testing facility currently in use. As part of the UK set-up we ensured that the company was legally compliant and continue to run the outsourced accounting, pay roll and statutory requirements for the client.

We celebrated 5 years of partnership in 2008 and are pleased that the company continues to flourish.

“We greatly value the work relationship and we cannot thank you enough for the help you have provided us in the venture.”

Mike Rossi, Chief Financial Officer Westmoreland Mechanical Testing and Research