Setting up in the UK from India

India’s economy is booming. So much so, that many Indian companies are interested in expanding and setting up overseas businesses. One of the most popular locations is the UK.

With a familiar language, a culture that’s well known to many Indians, and similarities in our legal system, it’s little wonder that more Indian companies than ever are setting up here.

What are the advantages of an Indian business setting up in the UK?

Access to European markets has always been a big selling point. As has our world-leading reputation for science and innovation.

There are plenty of other reasons to invest in the UK, too. It offers a well-established infrastructure to meet your business needs, and is a country with a strong, vibrant technology sector. It comes with an independent judiciary, a competitive tax regime, stable political system, and a flexible workforce. These are excellent advantages that should never be taken lightly.

Economic Reasons to invest your Indian business in the UK

The competitive tax system is a huge selling point for the UK compared to many similar countries. Corporation tax is just 19%, and this is set to reduce further to 17% by 2020. When it comes to inward investment, as you’d expect of a country that prides itself on being open to international business, the range of incentives and tax reliefs is impressive.

One area where you may think the UK could be problematic is immigration, but for Indian investors making a two million pound investment in the UK or taking over a UK business, settled status can be obtained relatively easily.

Legislative and Cultural differences between India and the UK

There are many advantages to setting up in the UK but, as with any investment in a foreign country, there are legislative differences and cultural idiosyncrasies of which you need to be aware. With this in mind, it pays to have a local expert on your side. At Clark Howes, we’re here to help. For guidance on the full range of services we offer to Indian investors in the UK, look at our accountancy services.

Essentially, as a foreign company investing in the UK, you can trade either by setting up a branch or by incorporating a UK subsidiary. These are relatively straightforward to achieve, but generally you’ll need an address in the correct jurisdiction, of which the UK has several, and named directors and shareholders.

Financial outsourcing services for Indian businesses

At Clark Howes, we’ve got more than fifteen years’ experience of helping companies set up businesses in the UK. This means we can help you out with most aspects of the process. Typically we would help you work through immigration rules and work permits, setting up employment contracts for UK workers, and registering your company for tax and audit purposes. All these areas are highly regulated and, though fairly easy, they need to be undertaken correctly.

Once you’re up and running, we can provide a full financial outsourcing service for international businesses. This means that we can have a team ready to oversee the day-to-day running of your operation in order to painlessly ensure your full regulatory compliance.

We’ll take care of your payroll and bookkeeping, as well as tax planning, accounting, and audit obligations. You’ll be able to concentrate on running your business without having to get your head round the nuts and bolts of local corporate management in a different legislative environment.

With the best will in the world, there will always be pitfalls and unforeseen problems with operating in a foreign country. The last thing you need is to be getting on a plane whenever something unforeseen occurs.

Wherever in the world you’re from, we’re here to help. Contact our expert team to find out how we can help your Indian business.

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