Setting up in the UK from the USA

Getting established in London has long been a goal for many US companies. But there’s more to the UK than just its capital. Right now, the whole country is an increasingly attractive destination for US investors seeking wider global market access. Click here to download our full guide to setting up a business in the UK.

What are the advantages of US business setting up in the UK?

The UK presents itself as a hotspot for many different business sectors. It leads the way in tech, finance, and the environmental and creative industries. The UK also has effective travel links, so wherever you are, the airport isn’t far and communications are great. Mainland Europe is a short train ride or plane hop away.

Legislative differences from the US

In addition to the buzzing start-up culture, UK legislative structures are very welcoming to foreign businesses. This is a country that prides itself on being open for business and doesn’t enforce a lot of regulation.

The UK is very stable, both financially and politically, and it has one of the most competitive tax systems going. There’s much more regulation around employment rights than in the US, but on a continent where such things can become very onerous to business it’s not such a difficulty.

Enabling easier access for the US to Europe

The UK has often prided itself on being a bridge between the US and Europe. In many ways the UK outlook is very European, but not so much that it’s difficult for US companies to navigate. Much of the legislative framework looks fairly familiar to American businesses because it’s largely based on common law and the Magna Carta. It really is a halfway house.

Alongside that, there’s the common language, the same tech platforms, and excellent infrastructure are advantages of basing your business in the UK.

Potential Disadvantages of basing your business in the UK

Despite the benefits, you’re still essentially working in a foreign country. The laws are different and the legislation that governs how you set up and operate a business is as well. With that in mind, it’s always handy to get local professionals on side that know how things work and can guide you along the way.

At Clark Howes we’re not short of experience when it comes to helping US companies set up in the UK. So if you’re looking at expanding into Europe and you want to pick the easy option, we’re the people to help you.

Clark Howes’ expertise covers such things as company registration, employment contracts for any staff you need to hire, as well as immigration rules, visas, and work permits for any you want to bring in.

Outsourcing Services for US Businesses

However it’s not just setting up in the UK that can cause headaches for US executives. Once you’re up and running, there’s the day-to-day management to look after too. Do you really want to be getting on the plane to look at every small problem?

At Clark Howes, our financial outsourcing services can cover a multitude of functions to enable international businesses to comply with UK legal requirements. Our services include bookkeeping and cash control, as well as payroll administration. We’ll help with the preparation of management accounts, tax planning, audit and assurance too.

So if you want to join the long list of US companies investing in the UK, contact our expert International team to find out how we can help your US business.

Download our free guide to setting up a business in the UK

Our free guide to setting up a business in the UK aims to provide you with a framework to start your international expansion plans. Focussing on the practicalities of setting up a business in the UK, this guides offers an outline of the fundamentals such as how to set up a UK company, taxation structures and what your obligations as a UK employer might be.

Click here to download our full guide to setting up a business in the UK.

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