Shares & Investment Services

Making investments can be a way to grow your business, but contains an element of risk, which is why you need accurate and realistic advice from specialist investment advisors. With our Shares & Investment service we can keep your feet on the ground while providing considered shares and investment advice to safely grow your business. Dependant on the level of risk you're comfortable taking, we can recommend the best investment strategy for you.

Investment advice for SME and large businesses

Our shares & investment advisors have experience in helping both small and large businesses make carefully considered investment decisions, so whether you’re a fast-growing sole trader or a multinational corporation we can advise you on the risks and outcomes of share opportunities.

Guiding you through the shares and investment process

We take the time to get to understand your business’s goals and ambitions and will provide you with several options all dependant on the level of risk you wish to take. Investment and risk goes hand-in-hand, but with our expert investment advice, knowledge and experience, we are able to recommend the safest and most profitable courses of action, depending on your business circumstances. This way we can help guide you but you are still in control of making the decision you want. 

Our shares and investment advice includes the following areas:

Minimise risk with our share and investment plans

We will monitor the outcome of your investment and provide you with regular updates, whether this be daily, weekly, or monthly. Your dedicated specialist will also let you know of the best approach to take if your shares are performing above than the level we anticipated. Equally, if they are underperforming, we are on hand at all times to advise you on best course of action. Our friendly team are always there to talk to you, so you feel supported and advised throughout the investment process. 

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"As our business grew we needed a firm of accountants who both understood our business and also with whom we could work to contribute to strategic growth. From the initial proposal, documentation and presentation Clark Howes really stood out from the other prospective firms.

They immediately identified ways to save our business cash and also made relevant suggestions to help us tender in new areas. After appointing Clark Howes they immediately reviewed our business finances and company structure, the resulting restructuring saved us a considerable sum in tax over three years. They have had and continue to provide a direct and positive impact on the development of our business.

What really sets Clark Howes apart from the rest is their dedication and level of service as a trusted advisor and we look forward to working with them over many years to come."

Mike O’Mahony, Director Andrew, Reid & Partners (ARP)
Juliet Gillett

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