Investment Fund Services

An investment fund is a pool of money that can be used to invest in multiple companies across one or more sectors. Investing money can be a smart way of growing your business, but like any investment, it's not without risks. Our investment fund specialists can offer you support and advice, helping to manage the risks associated with investing in a fund and increasing the likelihood of better returns for your business.  

Investment advice for businesses

Investment funds come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a growing start-up looking for investor support, a large enterprise seeking multiple investment opportunities, or anywhere in between, our business specialists will go the extra mile to achieve the best possible return for you.

Assessing your potential investments

By spreading the fund out in an investment fund, the risk of investment is lowered, but it is still important that investment funds are entered into with consideration and research. By finding out as much as possible about your prospective investment opportunities, our investment fund advisors can highlight risks, predict returns, and provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision in the best interests of your company.

Added value for your business

As with any fund that depends on the whims of the stock market, an investment fund does not guarantee success. When approached and managed responsibly, however, it can yield significant returns for your business. These returns can be reinvested into stocks and shares elsewhere or put straight back into your company itself, fuelling real business growth. 

For more information on our Investment Funding services, please contact one of our experts.

"Tim helped me from the very start of my business – from idea, to concept to the actual launch. His advice on all aspects of starting a business, including the business plan itself, were hugely helpful and provided a great foundation. He also helped with the initial fundraising which contributed to the launch of the product and has continued to provide support throughout an always challenging journey.  I would highly recommend Tim to anyone."

Andrew Sherick, Founder & MD Mr Shericks