Capital Gains Tax

If your business assets have gone up in value, you will be taxed on this increase when you try to sell or "dispose" of them. This is Capital Gains Tax (CGT), and understanding it is key to minimising costs so you get the most for your business.

Working out your capital gains tax rates

While you will be taxed on the increased value of your assets, you are allowed to make significant gains in value before this tax comes into effect, and some possessions are even tax free. Every year, we help hundreds of businesses calculate their Capital Gains Tax rates in relation to allowances and the current rates.

Expert analysis of your financial records

Our business specialists will analyse your financial statements so we understand the exact value of your assets and by how much they have increased. By taking the time to accurately calculate the value of your business, we’ll then be able to advise you on how much Capital Gains Tax you should be paying - and whether or not you are entitled to any reliefs.

Find out if your business could be eligible for entrepreneurs’ relief.

Making the most of your Capital Gains Tax allowance

Your CGT allowance is the amount of gains your business can make before it is taxed. Knowing your allowance will help to make sure you aren’t taxed at a higher rate than you should be. We will support you in this area, coupling detailed analysis of your finances our knowledge of reliefs to effectively reduce your business tax liabilities, giving you a clearer picture of your company’s value. 

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