Construction Industry Scheme

If you subcontract construction work or you are a subcontractor yourself, then you could be required to comply with the Construction Industry Scheme. Set up to reduce the amount of tax payable for sole traders and other subcontractors, CIS gives you better control over your finances and more money to grow your business.

Are you liable for CIS?

Every mainstream construction project involving contractors and subcontractors is liable for CIS. Non-construction businesses like housing associations and local authorities who have spent more than £1 million or more on construction in the last three years must also comply. We have extensive experience helping businesses to identify whether or not they should register for CIS, so whichever construction work you’re engaged in, you know we have experience in your area.

Walking you through CIS registration

To apply for CIS, both contractor and all subcontracted parties must register before construction work starts. The registration and verification processes are complicated and vary for different kinds of businesses and subcontractors, which is where we come in. Our business specialists will walk you through CIS registration, making sure you provide all the necessary information for an accurate and legally-compliant introduction to the scheme.

Advantages & disadvantages of Construction Industry Scheme

By having a tax specialist to look at your CIS Registration, means the possibility of reduced tax and a legally compliant businesses.

The rate at which tax is reduced is dependant on the registration status of subcontractors. HMRC will heavily penalise those in the CIS scheme who fail to comply with legislation. By helping you to maintain up-to-date books and records and submit returns or make payments promptly, we will ensure you stay on the right side of HMRC while getting the most from the financial benefits offered by the CIS scheme. 

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